Printer Issues

Printers cause more troubles for me than anything else related to the computer. I am now having issues where my laptop, that runs McAfee virus protection, cannot print on my network printer. It’s a network printer because I saved an old machine that works with the printer to be the printer driver. The printer is an old HP Laser Jet, the kind that works forever, but it’s too old for Window 10 to communicate with. I am now on the phone with McAfee and I really hope this doesn’t take too long. I also hope that I am able to…

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Computer Issues

We had a wind storm and lost power. My computer got zapped. It would not restart. I took it in for repair and the end result is that he operating system needed to be reinstalled. I lost all of the apps I had installed. The good news is that the hard drive is fine! My hubby is now looking into getting a surge protector for it.

I am driven to sew

I love sewing these days. I grew up with sewing, but for 40 years I did practically none. I helped my daughter make prom dresses and other small things. Now it’s like I can’t stop. I would rather be sewing than most anything else. It’s crazy. It will never make any money.

Too Busy

I am too busy. Even though I am still doing a lot less than I used to do, I still feel too busy. My ToDo list is exploding all the time. Not sure what to do about this. I could quit teaching coding, but what little money it makes is still helpful. Not sure what to do about it.

New Job

I found a new job that pays more for teaching kids to code. It pays $20 per hour and my old one paid just $15. I have taught one class for the new job. It went fine, although with 15 kids in the class it’s pretty crazy. Being online there is a limit to how much craziness kids can cause, thank goodness. My Saturday class only has five kids, but I am not crazy about teaching on Saturdays. There are always pros and cons.


I am having trouble with sadness these days. I think it’s all because of Covid-19. My hubby worries about getting sick because he is diabetic. The consequence of this is that I go nowhere. We have just recently started going to the grocery store since we are vaccinated. This is beginning to take it’s toll on me. We have ordered new exercise equipment, since exercise helps depressed people and he doesn’t want me to go to the athletic club. We will see. I expect it’s not going to be an instant cure.